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What is sex therapy?
What happens there?
And what is it about?

Let`s talk about SEX!

In a nutshell and to immediately answer the biggest question, a sex counseling session takes place purely as talk therapy and is for anyone who does not feel satisfied with their sexuality or intimacy. It is for everyone who has already raised issues with gynecologists or urologists such as decreased libido, pain during sex, or orgasm problems and who did not feel heard or understood. People who want to try, or to live, a different sexuality. Individuals or couples who are not happy about the sex in their relationship. People who feel that they always end up with the wrong partner, or who are paralyzed by lovesickness. Everyone who has some kind of intimate topic that bothers them, inhibits their sexual interactions, makes them feel ‘wrong’ or not functioning properly and who does not know who to talk about it. And above all, everyone who wants to change something, alone or with their partner.


Topics that are treated in sex counseling are, for example: decreased or low libido - lack of desire - lovesickness - sexual orientation - pain during sex - affairs - fear of attachment - different sexual desires and ideas in relationships - jealousy - open relationships - erection problems - orgasm difficulties - dealing with changes - fetish - homosexuality – fear of flirting - damaging relationship patterns - separation support - fear of loss - as well as many other topics on sexuality, intimacy, relationships and love. The reasons why people come to sex therapy are as unique as people themselves, and that's absolutely fine.

And very importantly, everything we talk about is of course subject to confidentiality. 


The treatment of sexual addictions and compulsive behavior is not my expertise, please contact a psychological service.


Get your spark back!

If you are in a dead end, your thoughts are spinning, you are not happy with yourself, or you would like to change some things in your life but you simply don’t know how, and surrendering to the way it is and probably has been for a while seems the only way...STOP! You are the captain of this ship! I will support you and you will discover soon how powerful you are.


In my opinion, you don't have to accept everything the way it was given to you, or the way it is currently, if you suffer and it doesn’t do you any good. I know that you can change a lot as soon as you start the change. It often only takes a first step and of course a bit of courage, but I have seen it many times in my everyday practice as well as my private environment – once you keep moving towards change, your whole life will change. That’s why our coaching sessions are about recharging your batteries and taking action.


Sometimes it seems that thoughts are too stuck in one direction and to break the pattern requires movement. In the first instance also movement and a true airing of the thoughts towards feeling. For this reason, I offer workshops for couples to integrate sensuality and make space to feel again. 


If topics come up in our coaching sessions that are not part of my area of ​​expertise, then I am certain to know the right expert to involve in this process.

"Never forget that you have every right to have a satisfying sex life." -Dr Ruth

über mich



I have always been deeply interested in people, relationships, and everything new and different. It also happened quite often that people I just met told me personal and pretty sensitive things about themselves, always adding "I don't know why I'm telling you this, I've never told anyone before." I always loved it, and felt and still feel extremely grateful for the trust people have in me. Above all, as an open-minded person, there are no taboo topics, nothing that you couldn't or shouldn't talk about if it bothers you.


Blessed with a cheerful nature, I usually see the glass rather half full than empty, I like to walk around the world with a smile and I am a very empathic person. These ideal prerequisites for the profession of a sex counselor were already instilled in me, and the decision to study sex therapy/sexual medicine at the University of Basel was the logical consequence after many professional years, experiences and careers in social education and communication. Since then I have been incredibly happy to support people with a lot of passion to live the sexuality and intimacy that makes them happy. I believe that nobody has to be alone with feelings of ‘not being right’ – ‘not being attractive’ – ​​‘not being loved’ – ‘not being able to feel pleasure.’


Since 2023 studying Polarity Therapy - Polarity Institute Zurich

Diploma of Advanced Studies in Sex Therapy / Sexual Medicine - Systemic Sex Therapy by Ulrich Clement - University of Basel, Switzerland

Psychotherapeutic work with gender-compliant, gender-queer & trans * gendered persons with Dr. Gisela Wolf & Mari Günther Berlin, Germany

Yoga Teacher Training  200h - Airyoga Zurich, Switzerland

Communication Management - WAK Cologne, Germany

Master of Science in Social Work Education - University of Applied Science Cologne, Germany


A single session for individuals is about 1 hour and costs 140 CHF / 130 EURO.

Couple sessions are 1.5 hours and cost 190 CHF / 175 EURO. 

Workshop prices on request.

Agreed consultation sessions, both in person and online, can be postponed or canceled free of charge up to 24 hours prior, and private workshops up to 48 hours prior. Postponements or cancellations with less notice will incur full fees.

Please note that health insurance does not cover the fees.


All publications are in german language

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"Aus dem Leben einer Sexualtherapeutin" - das.da.unten, April 2020 





Appointments in the evening and on weekends are possible



LOLA SCHEERER c/o Berufscoach Züri

CH - 8048 ZURICH



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